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  • ES-8C LCD Digital Readout
ES-8C LCD Digital Readout

ES-8C LCD Digital Readout

ES-8C is update version for the ES-8A LED DRO,which has the same outlook-Aluminum case.The principal design philosophy of ES-8C is to provide the highest noise immunity readout cabinet in the market

Basic functions   ES-8C 2x ES-8C 3x
Axis number 2 3
– 1 / 5um resolution
– Radius/Diameter
– Direction reverse
– clear Zero
– Centering (1/2)
– mm/in display
– Power Off Memory
– 199 Subdatum
– REF Memory
Built in Calculator
Axis speed display (mm/min)
Vibration filtering
Z0 + Z Axis summation  
Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)
Line Hole Positioning (LHOLE)
Inclined Machining (INCL)
Shrinkage Calculation
Simple “R” Function
Smooth “R” Function
Linear Error Compensation
Non Linear Error Compensation
LCD display Color & brightness   Adjustable
DRO  Language English,Chinese,German,Italian,Portugue,French,Spaish,Czech,Arabic,Hindi,Indonesia, Japanese, Korea, Persian, Romania, Russian, Sweden, Thai, Turkish, Vietnam

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