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About Us

About Us

Easson brand was established since 1995. Easson is a high-tech enterprise specializing in design and manufacturing of precision measuring equipment. Such as DRO systems, precision optical profile projectors, vision measurement machines and etc..
The registered capital of Easson is USD 6 million, Easson employs more than 200 employees, over 20% of Easson's employees are university graduates forming a professional & dynamic team which is well educated, experienced, professional and high-level constitution.
Easson's factory building is specifically design and built for the manufacturing of precision measuring equipment, there are two class 10,000 clean rooms and one under ground temperature control room inside the building, for the assembly of high precision components, QC and calibration process. Easson has two hp (Agilent) Laser Interferometers for being the company's Length Measurement Standard.

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