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  • EV Series Vision Measurement Machine
EV Series Vision Measurement Machine

EV Series Vision Measurement Machine

 EV Series 3D High Performance Manual Vision Measurement Machine has a high capability / price ratio. Auto focus and Auto zoom function as standard configures in this series. It uses high precision marbles as the machine base stand. High precision working table and 0.1um high resolution optical scales installed in the X, Y, Z axis increase the measuring accuracy to (2.5+L/200)um.

The electronic system of the EV series is advanced; it uses the new multi-axial, light motor controlling card developed by Easson, in this way the controlling system very succinct. Special processor reduces electronic circuitry and connectors, improve stability greatly. Super high speed reading ability; work with our latest high accuracy absolute reading scale make sure high resolution and high accuracy measurement. And use super high speed and high trusty Ethernet connect with computer

All the EV series can install the Renishaw touch probe and 3D software for 3D measurement.





X,Y,Z measurement travel

250x150x150 (mm)

300x200x200 (mm)

400x300x250 (mm)

Overall dimensions

135x72x155 (cm)

135x72x165 (cm)

146x89x175 (cm)

Machine weight

170 kg

280 kg

410 kg


2 micron

Max table load

25 kg

Operation mode

X Y Manual, Z motorized (control by mouse, keyboard or joystick), Super high speed and high trusty Ethernet connect with computer


0.1 μm

X,Y,Z measurement precision

(2.5+ L/200) micron

Light source system

Software controlled adjustable 8 zone surface light and straight adjustable contour light


00 grade granite base and mast


High precision Tele-centric motorized auto-zoom lens

Precision measuring head

English RENISHAW precision touch probe


Optical enlarging rate 0.75-4.5x, image enlarging rate 25-145x

Vision system

High resolution CCD lens (SONY CCD sensor & special SPC)

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